Dynavector P75 mk4 Phono Amplifier

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Dynavector P75 mk4  Phono Amplifier

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The P75 is a complete Phono solution in one compact unit. It is user adjustable and will handle virtually any type of cartridge on the market. The performance is noteworthy, with extreme RIAA accuracy, very low noise and outstanding dynamic range. 

The P75 incorporates a unique feature called "Phono Enhancer" (PE) which extracts the current signal, improve the magnetic field in the cartridge itself, which in turn provides an even more musical performance. 

The P75 mk4 introduces a new ultra­-low noise power supply that is electrically isolated from the input power. It takes the low grade single voltage DC supply from the AC adapter and converts it to dual high voltages required for true professional quality audio reproduction. Power supply noise is virtually unmeasurable. The P75 does not have any mains frequency or other low frequency components in the power supply and so hum problems that plague conventional phono amplifiers are eliminated.

  • Phono to line level preamplifier
  • Total phono solution
  • Matches any cartridge type
  • Fully user adjustable
  • Very low noise
  • New: completely redesigned ultra-low noise power supply
  • Extreme RIAA accuracy
  • High current line driver for long cables or difficult loads
  • No hum!
  • Includes patented 'Phono Enhancer' option
  • Low cost, very high performance
  • new mk4 offers significant performance upgrade
The P75 is a stand-alone phono to line level amplifier. It can operate with the following cartridge types:
Cartridge Type Input Sensitivity Gain Loading
Low output MC
Standard phono stage
0.2mV or 0.15mV 60 & 63dB 30, 60, 100, 220, 470 ohms
+ user loading
Low output MC
Phono Enhancer*
Zero ohms
High output MC
2mV (and 1mV) 40, 46dB (and 53dB) 47k (47,000) ohms
100, 200, 300pF plus user C
Dimensions ( W x D x H ) 160 x 120 x 5 cm
Weight 0.8kg (shipping).
*Input sensitivity and gain is determined mainly by the cartridge internal DC coil resistance. Three resistance/gain adjustments available.

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