AC Infinity Multifan Mini Spot Cooler Fan 40mm

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AC Infinity

Type: AV Cooling

AC Infinity Multifan Mini Spot Cooler Fan 40mm

The small cooling fan can be positioned to stand upright or laid flat to cool various electronics and ventilate DIY projects. Features a multi-speed controller with power switch. Includes anti-vibration rubber feet and a 6-foot power cord. The low power-consumption fan be be powered by USB ports found behind popular electronics and on portable power banks. Each unit contains an additional USB port, up to four fans can be daisy chained together to share the same power source. This fan system is CE and RoHS certified and contains premium dual-ball bearings, allowing it to be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Key Features

  • Compact and energy-efficient USB fan designed various DIY cooling and ventilation projects. 
  • Features a multi-speed controller to set the fan’s speed to optimal noise and airflow levels.
  • Dual-ball bearings have a lifespan of 67,000 hours and allows the fans to be laid flat or stand upright.
  • USB plug can power the fan through USB ports found behind electronics and on portable power banks.
  • Dimensions: 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.8 in. | Airflow: 12 CFM | Noise: 18 dBA| Bearings: Dual Ball

Speed Controller

The fan includes an in-line multi-speed controller with power switch to set the fan’s speed to optimal noise and airflow levels for various environments. 

Connecting Additional Units

For applications that requires more airflow, each fan unit can daisy chain additional MULTIFAN S series fans. Up to four fans can share the same USB power source; and up to six fans can share the same thermal controller (sold separately). MULTIFAN S1, S2, S3, S4, and Mini contains one fan, and MULTIFAN S5 and S7 contains two fans.


This small and energy-efficient cooling fan is popular in various cooling and ventilation applications including video game consoles, cosplay, helmets, virtual reality gear, aquarium, Roku, router, raspberry pi, and other DIY projects.

ac infinity multifan mini spot cooler fan 40mm australia hi fi

Optional Add on:

AC Infinity 2.4 Amp USB Powerpack 

With 10 Watts (2.1Amp.) output power, the Wall charger supports most AC Infinity USB powered coolers.



 Product Dimensions
   Total Dimensions    1.6 x 1.6 x 0.8 in (40 x 40 x 20 mm)
   Hole to Hole Distance    1.26 x 1.26 in. (3.2 x 3.2 cm)
   Screw Hole Size    Ø 0.1 in. (Ø 0.35 cm)
   Cord Length    72 in. (6 feet)
   Product Performance and Technical Specs
   Total Airflow    12 CFM
   Total Noise    18 dBA
   Speed    6000 RPM
   Operating Voltage    3 to 7V DC
   Power    0.6 W
   Current    0.12 A
   Static Pressure    4.2 mm-H2O
   Operating Humidity    35 to 85% RH
   Operating Temperature    0 to 158°F
   Fan Bearings    Dual Ball
   Mounting Positions    Horizontal or Vertical
   L10 Life Expectancy    67,000 Hours


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