TCL 75X10 75 inch UHD Mini LED Smart LED TV

TCL 75X10 75 inch UHD Mini LED Smart LED TV

Enjoy pure TV with less distractions.  A thinner trim, with no overhang delivers a broader and wider sensory experience, making your TV the ultimate centre price.


TCL 65X10 uses Mini-LED, TV panel backlight set contains as many as tens of thousands of mini LED unit (75inch 25200Leds).  Mini LED backlight is also designed to enable local dimming, it leads to finer HDR local dimming zones to enhance viewing experience.

A Quantum Leap in Display

Using the Quantum Dot Display Technology with approximately 100% ultra-high colour gamut (DCI-P3) and over a billion colours, deeply saturated reds, stunning greens and spectacular blues are achieved without the limitations of lower colour volume or at the cost of shorter lifespans found for other colour technologies. 

High Dynamic Range 10+

HDR 10+ processed and optimises images frame by frame, boosting colour saturation limits and beefing up the contrast.  Appreciate entertainment that's richer, and more immersive than ever. 

Deeper Tones with Local Dimming

Hundreds and thousands of localised areas are precisely dimmed, for deeper, more stunning dark and bright display.  Blacks appear blacker, and whites shine ever more next to deep blacks.  Local Dimming helps creates the perfect depth of image, making Movies, TV, and Gaming more immersive than ever. (75inch-900zones) 


MEMC makes pictures smoother with both TV and multimedia signals.  Along with TCL's proprietary software algorithm, you will experience every detail when viewing fast-moving, action-packed content such as Sports.

Dramatic Dolby Vision

Adopted by major Hollywood studios and leading global streaming services, Dolby Vision transforms your TV experience with ultravivid picture quality - incredible brightness, contrast, and colour that bring entertainment to life before your eyes.


TCL Al-IN is TCL's Al integrated platform that connects and controls smart devices in the home, and offers users more personalised smart functions and a better viewing experience with better picture and sound quality.

Hands-Free Voice Control

Powered by the built-in Google Assistant, TCL's Hand-Free Voice Control functionality frees you from your remote control.  You can switch channels, update reminders and explore your streaming services anywhere and anytime in your living room.

Dolby Atmos Audio

Dolby Atmos audio delivers an object-based surround effect where sounds are precisely assigned to any position around or above the listener for a powerfully moving experience.

DTS Smart Audio Processing

Advanced DTS-HD post-processing technology delivers true zero-compressed audio decoding for a rich acoustic-field that replicates the sound of live-studio recording.  With DTS-HD, your TCL TV will produce sound quality that can rival a family stereo.

The Latest Android OS 

Simplify your entertainment experience with Android TV.  Get 500,000+ movies and shows in one place.  Use Google Assistant to control your TV with your voice.  And cast your photos, videos, and music from devices to your TV easily with Chromecast built-in.

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