Ayon Audio BlackFalcon Loudspeakers

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Ayon Audio

Ayon Audio BlackFalcon Loudspeakers

The Ayon Audio Black Falcon Loudspeaker is nothing short of amazing. A fast tight bass, warm fluid mids, super smooth highs. Wall to wall three dimensional performance, like no other speaker in this Class.

The BlackFalcon distinguishes itself by a very three-dimensional, sophisticated, transparent, light-footed, and spatial reproduction, with the bass playing dynamically, deep, and powerful.

The BlackFalcon is an audiophile universal genius, incarnating all attributes of an uncompromising reproduction of the absolute highest level.

Features & Design

The speaker is additionally equipped with a special transistor-tube crossover network circuit, which is probably unique until today. Here, especially with the “tube amps,” for the first time, a speaker configuration is responsive to and adapted to the properties of single-ended as well as push-pull tube amplifiers.

Ayon real wood veneer finishes:

The Ayon loudspeaker models are available in a choice of the most exciting real wood veneers.

Standard veneers are: French Walnut-HG, Tineo-HG and Etimo-HG. optional veneers on request!

Ayon BlackFalcon – Ayon Audio

Ayon BlackFalcon – Ayon Audio Direct


Speaker Ayon BlackFalcon
System 3-way Airflow Damping System (ADS)
Cabinet Design Elliptic
Cabinet Material Resonance optimized instrument grade cabinet
Driver Complement 1 x 1″ Cell-Ceramic Tweeter
1 x 6.2″ Ceramic Midrange
3 x 6.7″ Ceramic Woofer
Crossover frequencies 210Hz / 2150Hz
Impedance 4 Ohm
Sensitivity (1W / 1m) 92 dB
Recommended Amp Power 7W – 350 Watt
Frequency Response 33Hz – 30kHz / -3 dB
Terminal WBT NextGen
Internal Wire Custom made
Transistor or Tube amplifier – adjustment Switchable
Recommended connection
(+) for tube amps (4, 8, 16 Ohm)
4 Ohm

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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