5. Cables

atlas cables rcaNow, this bit might seem a little bit out of the order of things we created earlier, but it’s actually a really important part of your equipment that often gets forgotten. Cables facilitate everything that was just described above.

Cheap cables do the job, but they are manufactured for quantity, not quality. Poor cables lose more information and are affected by interference from all sorts of places that might (at best) colour your music or (at worst) neglect it altogether!

Think of cables like this, (a great metaphor heard years ago that we now share with you): Every piece of equipment between you and the music is another piece of glass through which you are trying to see the final piece of art. Every time you clean up one of those layers of glass you get a better impression of the picture. Your cables are part of your equipment and is one of those layers of glass.
Better cables will enable you to get the most out of the potential you have sitting there in your equipment rack, just waiting to be used. It is worth spending a little more on quality cables!

There you have it, now you have taken the journey from the turntable to your ears.
All you need do now is relax and let the music take a hold of you!

So in a nutshell spinning your wax comes from all them Gooood, Good, Good... Good Vibrations